Freelance SaaS Writer and Leadership Writer Portfolio

Ghostwriting Samples

The following ghostwritten samples show my ability to research diverse topics, incorporate SEO, and follow a specific style.

Samples are reprinted with permission. All images, links, and identifying marks removed by request.

Articles with Bylines

These are the three most popular articles from my Problem Solver’s blog. They are longer articles, 2500 words plus, with citations, embedded videos, images with captions, and keywords used throughout.

Each has a different style, ranging from informal and personal to a relaxed business, friendly expert voice.

The first article in a four part series on problem solving.

4 Tips to Help You Think and Act Differently

Explaining complex ideas using analogies and relatable examples.

Ask the Right Questions: 2 Problem Solving Questions that Make the Difference

Aimed at readers looking for professional development advice.

How to Be Open Minded [3 Practical Examples]

And Now for Something Completely Different…

These random articles and long social media posts don’t follow any house guidelines, other than good writing in my voice.

A long social media post that generated high engagement.

I write for a content mill. Here’s what I’ve learnt.

Writing for the sheer fun of it.

Pies, Presents, and Brandy Butter: Why Xmas Is the Best Holiday of the Year