Freelance Writing Services

I work with SaaS companies and leadership coaches to grow their business with engaging and concise content

Are you a small business who wants a series of blog posts to grow your site’s traffic, but you’re not sure where to start?

Have an approved content marketing calendar for your established business and looking to hire freelance writers?

My freelance writing services can help.

I create original, SEO content that is different enough to stand out, yet familiar enough your audience doesn’t leave in confusion. And, importantly, my writing ranks in the search engines.

What does that mean for you?

The content I create for you encourages your audience to trust you and your products and inspires them to take action.

If you’re looking for a writing business that can create blog posts, case studies, and reference guides then we could be a good fit.

How We Can Work Together

I’m easy-going, adaptable, and professional. Just watch me cope–while my mother’s in the car–as I try to drink 12-hour service station coffee that’s more lava than java.

Or, you know, you could hire me. Which is preferable and nicer than bottom of the pot coffee.

Here are ways we can work together:

  • You want a freelance writer for a one-off project
  • You need a mix of ongoing writing services
  • You want to increase the visibility of your content in organic search results
  • You need a SaaS writer to create original, high quality content in different formats
  • You want a leadership writer to ghostwrite for your blog

When we work together, it’s about you and your objectives. This means I’m open to feedback, positive and critical, and I’m comfortable working alongside others in your marketing team. Whether your team is large, or a multi-hat wearing team of one.

Areas of Freelance Writing Expertise

My freelance writing focuses on two areas: SaaS brands and leadership coaches.

In many ways the two areas are linked. You need great leadership to motivate the technical team and inspire customers when creating SaaS products that improve peoples lives.

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My Freelance Writing Services

"Freelance writing services" in white text on a blue page with a fountain pen laying on its side
Yes, I use a fountain pen. And, yes, I use Google docs and online grammar checkers as part of my writing process. Photo by David Pennington on Unsplash

As a freelance writer for hire, what I do is help you grow your business and sales with educational, motivational, and inspirational content.

How I do it, is with the following products:

  • Engaging, search engine optimized blogs for your website that generate understanding and excitement for your products or services.
  • Shareable, long-form articles for industry magazines that educate readers on the problem your product or business philosophy solves.
  • Inspiring case studies that highlight the benefits and advantages customers have achieved using your products or services.
  • Informative white papers that explain how you solve long-standing problems and highlight the trends your products and services help customers take advantage of.
  • Easy to follow reference guides that inspire confidence in stakeholders and end-users for your products.
  • Engrossing eBooks that inform and entertain while expanding your domain authority.

Is there a project you need writing help with that isn’t above? Like my style, but you’re in a different industry? No worries. Drop me a line and let’s chat.

You Get More Than Words on a Page With My Content Writing Services

In addition to my writing skills–adaptable to different audiences and correct grammar usage, for example–I also perform these writing related services:

  • Keyword research
  • Image search and annotated screenshots where needed
  • Upload of your content to your content management system

And as part of every project, you get the following:

  • Four edits on blogs and articles
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) content
  • Internal links to build a network of related content
  • External links to non-competitor sites that highlight statistics and relevant research
  • Discovery call and regular updates on progress

Why My Services Are a Benefit to You

High-ranking pages and engaging content your readers can relate to are two benefits I provide.

An advantage to you is my ability to accurately translate between technical language and vice versa from 20-plus years in the software industry. There is no wasted time explaining concepts or worrying about confusing definitions or examples in your content.

Having been in the trenches of software development and leadership, I understand the issues and perspectives that others without the experience may not see.

The result?

Relatable content that stands out from the crowd, for a wide variety of audiences.

Those high-ranking pages I mentioned earlier? Here are two of them. Using positive intelligence and awareness quotient and how to think and act differently, rank second and third in Google’s search results.

Google search page results showing two of my articles ranked second and third

Ready for top-notch, awesome content that’s the bees’ knees and delivers? Yes? Then click the button below… 👇

*Bees’ knees – something that is excellent, very well done, top-notch.

What Are Your Rates, Process, and Timelines?

For quick answers see the FAQs below. Longer, in-depth answers are provided in my Writer’s Packet.

Receive immediate access to the packet by filling out the contact form. I’ll get back in touch within 1 business day to see how we can work together.

Why should I choose Paul for my freelance writing needs?

Three reasons to choose me: my pages rank, people like the work I do, and I have a deep well of real-world experience with software development, implementation, and leadership.

Before I became a professional writer, I was a project management expert. For ten fun filled years, I implemented SaaS solutions and better leadership principles at large universities.

The result? I write:

  • With authority on technology, business strategy, and leadership
  • From any perspective, for diverse audiences, and in a variety of styles

That means I understand your objectives and deliver content your audience can relate to. You don’t waste time explaining terminology or having to heavily edit my work.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul on multiple initiatives over a period of couple years. He has always been very insightful, optimistic and inspiring. One thing that I admire the most about Paul is his eye for detail. He is a pro at reading between the lines, understanding the big picture and providing inputs that are relevant, unique and clever. I highly recommend working with Paul!

Falguni Katira—Personal & Business Success Mentor for Visionary Women & Entrepreneurs

What is your freelance writing process?

  • You contact me and I set up a discovery call. We chat and fill out the Writer’s Brief.
  • You pay a 50% deposit.
  • I create the outline in Google Docs, with two rounds of edits to make sure the outline is right.
  • I write the post, also in Google Docs, with two rounds of edits to make sure the post is perfect.
  • You approve the finished content and I send you the final invoice. You receive the content and relevant assets.
  • Bonus step: Celebration! Smiles, success—as expected—and a fresh slice of celebratory cheesecake. Or, we just nod subtly to each other across the computer screens to a job well done.

Longer content such as white papers, eBooks, and reference guides have more edits.

What are your freelance writing rates?

My pricing is project based to meet your varied writing needs. The line items that make up the quotes include:

  • Writing: 15 cents a word
  • Image search: $15 per image
  • Hourly rate: $75. Interviews, creating screenshots, upload content to customer CMS, comprehensive keyword research, coming up with topic ideas, etc.
  • Ghostwriting premium: 25%
  • Rush premium: 25%

Included in the project pricing are the discovery call, two edits on the outline, two edits on the post/article, delivery of final content through Google Drive, and a reasonable amount of research and email or phone communication.

For a full list of rates and inclusions, fill out my contact form and you’ll receive a link to my Writer’s Packet. The packet contains rates, my writing process and checklist, and an example contract.

What is your typical timeline for your writing services?

A typical turnaround after the discovery call and approval to start, is three to four weeks. This gives you time to read and provide edits, and me time to research, create the outline, and write the piece.

If you need it faster and in a hurry, I offer a rush fee of 25%.

Drop me a line and we can chat about my availability and your content calendar.

For an example timeline of an average project, fill out my contact form and check out the Project Management section of my Writer’s Packet – the link to the packet is available after you submit the form.

Do you offer ghostwriting services?

Yes, for a 25% fee to the written part of the project.

Can you follow my style or do you write in only one voice?

As a freelance writer, I create content for you and your audiences, so it makes sense to me to follow your house style.

Oxford comma? I can write lists with or without it. Color or colour? My spell checker works with the Queen’s English, American English, or colloquial slang. Whichever is right for your audience.

About the Oxford comma: Oxford Blue is my favourite fountain pen ink; I grew up near Oxford, England; and the Oxford comma is my default style. But hey, if yours is not to use it, I won’t either.

Do you have writing samples I can read?

I do. Click on a button below to look through my portfolio or read long-form articles in my blog.

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Thanks for reading this far. Ready to chat and use my freelance writing services? Click the button below to get started 👇.