5 Benefits of Cloud-based Veterinary Software

In a recent survey, 92% of veterinarians said they were worried about high stress levels at work. Keeping veterinary staff and working long hours were key contributors.

The good news: modern veterinary software can help reduce these stress points.

When opening a new vet practice, choosing the right software will set you and your team on the road to success and a sustainable work/life balance.

Read on to learn five reasons your software choice is as important as choosing the right veterinary equipment.

1. Your Practice Management Software Should Support Everything Your Clinic Does

Running your new vet practice means facing daily complications. These include treatments and payments for small, large, or exotic animals, admin functions, and looking after staff.

The best veterinary software simplifies the most complex tasks and provides a central place you and your team can access critical functionality. For example, it will help you:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Track patient history
  • Build easy-to-use forms and workflows
  • Automate communications with your clients
  • Report on the clinic’s income and expenses

2. Easy to Use Veterinary Software Increases Staff Retention

Before opening a vet clinic, you have given considerable thought to the layout of your practice to ensure the efficient flow of patients and staff. Your digital veterinary software is the same.

Software should simplify your day-to-day operations, which helps retain staff and raises team morale. Everyone knows who needs to be where, when they need to be there, and what needs to be done. The right software can do this without adding unnecessary stress to the workday.

Additional benefits the right veterinary software provides include:

  • New hires get up to speed faster with workflows and treatments
  • Your clinic is an attractive destination for top job candidates

3. Use The Software to Deliver an Improved Client Experience

Client experience is one way your veterinary clinic can stand out from the competition.

The right software and technology can help you:

  • Educate owners and recommend products
  • Provide a professional experience with patient history and diagnostics on one device
  • Strengthen client relationships with automated messages and reminders
  • Simplify new patient on-boarding and approvals for treatments
  • Keep patient notes up to date and completed during the patient’s visit

4. Make Informed Decisions as Your Practice Grows

Another advantage of practice management software is flexible reporting. This allows you to see where your practice is improving and where it needs help.

Being able to analyze industry standard key performance indicators and visualize the results will help you make the right decisions with confidence.

5. Cloud Based Veterinary Software Offers Advantages Over Hosted Systems

Here are five reasons cloud-based software (accessible from anywhere) is preferable to a hosted system (you maintain it yourself):

  • Improved customer service and technical help
  • The software is continually improving based on customer feedback
  • Updates happen frequently and seamlessly
  • Patient data is protected with strong encryption
  • The software is accessible anywhere, at any time, on multiple devices

Start Your Veterinary Software Research Today

The right veterinary software is critical to the success of your new vet practice and keeping vet staff.

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