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Hi, I’m Paul.

I create content that helps you stand out from the crowd and inspires your readers to take action.

As a freelance writer, I have one goal: to solve your writing problems.

The result is two outcomes: your readers get their questions answered and you grow your business.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Have an old blog, a case studies section, or press release area on your website that needs updating?
  • Need a ghostwriter for sponsored posts for industry websites?
  • Have a list of blog ideas but not sure where to start?
  • Need an extra pair of hands to write reference guides or eBooks while you focus on growing your business and helping your clients?
  • Want the flexibility of working with a freelance content writer without the cost of hiring a full-time employee?

My freelance B2B and B2C writing services can help.

Meeting Your B2B and B2C Writing Requirements

I never could solve for maths problems at school—give me the Kings and Queens of England any day. But B2B and B2C writing problems I can solve all day, every day.

For example:

Do you need B2B content that educates your business audience on the advantages of your SaaS products?

How about motivating blog posts and case studies that illustrate how your business differs from the competition?

For technology companies, the solution is my B2B writing services.

Learn more about my SaaS writing expertise and how my IT experience is a benefit to you.

Do you need a ghostwriter to create blog posts that show your coaching expertise?

Or are you in need of articles that show your ability to transform your clients’ outcomes? All in your authentic voice?

For leadership coaches, the solution is my B2C writing services.

Learn about my leadership writing expertise and why my background is an advantage for you.

Quick terminology checkpoint:

Get the details on my overall freelance writing services.

From content types to rates to process. Learn the type of writing I offer, my process, and rates.

How We Solve Your Writing Needs Together

Part of being a B2B writer and B2C writer is being ready and prepared. It means my fountain pen is always full of ink and my laptop battery is 100% charged. Or at least my bottle of ink and charger are close to hand—it’s best to be honest.

It also means I have effective writing processes that look like this…

#1 – Discovery Call

You contact me and I set up a discovery call. We chat about your writing needs and your audience. We fill out the Writer’s Brief to guide my research.

#2 – Create Outline

Money changes hands, you pay a 50% deposit, and I begin my research and creating the content outline. The outline is like a building’s blueprints.

#3 – Approve Outline

You review the outline in Google Docs with two rounds of edits to make sure the outline is right.

#4 – Write Content

I write the content, also in Google Docs, based on the approved outline. You have two rounds of edits to make sure the post is perfect.

#5 – Approve Content

You approve the finished content and pay the balance, and I send you the content and relevant assets.

Bonus: Celebration

Smiles, success—as expected—and a fresh slice of celebratory cheesecake. Or, we just nod subtly to each other across the computer screens to a job well done.

Here’s Proof: Social and Analytical

People like the work I do. This is what Falguni Katira, personal and business success mentor for visionary women and entrepreneurs, had to say.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul on multiple initiatives over a period of couple years. He has always been very insightful, optimistic and inspiring. One thing that I admire the most about Paul is his eye for detail. He is a pro at reading between the lines, understanding the big picture and providing inputs that are relevant, unique and clever. I highly recommend working with Paul!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or the ranking in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).

My posts on ways to Think and Act Differently, and Positive Intelligence and Awareness Quotient, rank third and second in Google.

Google search page results showing two of my articles ranked second and third

By the way, pudding—preferably Pavlova—tastes much nicer than Google Analytics.

B2B and B2C Writing Samples

Besides an opportunity to use a secondary keyword in a heading, this section is about my freelance writing samples.

Check out my portfolio and some of the SaaS, leadership and technology-based content I have created while writing for B2B and B2C clients.

To see my take on leadership, or my relaxed and informal style, head over to my Problem Solver’s Blog.

Portfolio button. Click to read samples of my freelance writer services
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My Technical and Leadership Experience is an Advantage For You

Before I became a B2B and B2C freelance writer, I was a project management expert. For ten fun years, I implemented SaaS solutions and better leadership principles at large universities.

What does that mean for you?

I write with authority on technology and leadership. And I can do so for your target audience in a variety of styles.

What’s the advantage?

No wasted money during the writing process.

I know where to research, how to write clear definitions, and the examples I use are relevant and make sense. No lost time or stress about your content containing confusing terminology or incomprehensible descriptions.

Ready to put your content marketing budget to good use?

Headshot of a smiling Paul Fleming McCullagh, freelance SaaS writer and leadership writer, on an abstract background

Let’s Review: How My B2B and B2C Freelance Writer Services Help Your Business Grow

Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C content, my writing can help solve these problems:

  • Old web content that needs refreshing
  • Need new blog content but are not sure where to start
  • You need to focus on helping your customers and are ready to outsource your content creation needs

The list of content I create includes:

  • Engaging, search engine optimized blog posts that grow traffic to your website
  • Shareable, long-form articles that highlight your thought leadership
  • Inspiring case studies that highlight the advantages customers achieve when they use your products or services
  • Informative white papers that explain how your products help your customers take advantage of industry trends
  • Easy to follow reference guides that inspire confidence in stakeholders and end-users for your products.

Three reasons to book my freelance writing services:

  1. My pages rank
  2. People like working with me
  3. I understand your industries and audience

Ready to get your web content refreshed or get new content that stands out? Click the button below to request my B2B and B2C freelance writer services 👇.

It’s a no obligation call, informal and effective. I won’t bore you on the joys of writing with fountain pens. Promise.