Freelance SaaS Writer

Professional Writing Services and SEO Content for SaaS Brands, their 3rd Party Tools, and Implementers

Your product is an industry leader, it’s best-of-breed. Your content needs to stand out the same way.

A great SaaS writer:

  • Shows your audience the advantages your products and services bring to their business and their end-users
  • Demonstrates to your readers why you care about helping your clients achieve more
  • Inspires confidence in your prospective partners for you and your products

Motivational and educational content is what I offer with my professional technology writing services.

SaaS Writer + IT Experience = a Winning Platform for You

Before I started professional writing for B2B clients, I spent over 20 years in the software industry. I’ve moved from UI designer to programmer to project manager to product trainer. I’ve even held the important role of “guy who gets the pizza” during those all-night programming sessions.

My prior IT experience is an advantage to you

There is no wasted time or money during the writing process.

I know where to research, how to write clear definitions, and the examples I use are relevant and make sense. No lost time or stress over confusing terminology or incomprehensible descriptions.

  • I can accurately translate technical terms into business language and vice versa
  • As a B2B writer I adapt to your voice and the industries and audiences you serve
  • I use SEO best practices that allow your content to sound natural while aiming for high-ranking search engine results

Ready to focus on helping your clients and writing software rather than writing blog posts? Let this freelance technology writer do it for you!

B2B Content & Technology Writing Samples

Below are ghostwritten samples for some of my clients. Subjects include advantages of SaaS and project management.

Samples are reprinted with permission. All images, links, and identifying marks removed by request.

My Freelance Writing Services: What You Get

I write blog posts, case studies, white papers, eBooks, and reference guides. You also get the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Image search and annotated screenshots where needed
  • Upload of your content to your content management system

And as part of every project, you get:

  • Four edits on blogs and articles
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) content
  • Internal links to build a network of related content
  • External links to non-competitor sites that highlight statistics and relevant research
  • Discovery call and regular updates on progress

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